Newborn Session

When should I book my session?

I recommend you contact me to book your session while you are still pregnant.  It's never to early to book your session!  Booking early will ensure you reserve an available date and time for your session.  The actual date of your session will be determined after you deliver.

What is the best age for a newborn session?

In order to capture the sleepy, dreamy baby images, it is recommended that you schedule your session to take place within the first 14 days after birth.  During this small window of time babies tend to be more sleepy, and enjoy being curled up in different positions that resemble how they were positioned in the womb.

Where will the session take place, and how long will it last?

The session will take place at my studio.  Sessions typically take 2-3 hours as I like to leave extra time for feedings, changing, and soothing as the baby needs.

The day of your session (preparation):

I recommend that you try to keep baby awake on the way to the session, and arrive ready for the next feeding.  This is so baby will relax and fall into a deep sleep during the session.  If you are feeding formula, or bottle feeding breast milk, please bring plenty of extra (at least 6-8 oz) of extra food.  I know that sounds like a lot but modeling is hard work, and babies tend to work up an appetite.  Before the baby is fed I will undress, and swaddle the baby.  This allows me to not disturb the baby by undressing them after the feeding.  Some babies need several breaks during the session to feed, soothe, and remain happy.

Please bring a pacifier with you.  I can usually do the session without one, but once and awhile it helps baby settle when almost posed.

Since babies are usually shot naked, I do keep the studio toasty (usually 80 degrees) to keep baby comfortable.  Wear layers that you can take off as needed to remain comfortable during the session.  Also make sure to bring plenty to drink for yourself.  I keep bottled water on hand to share just incase!

Safety First!

Safety is my utmost number one priority when handling your new addition, so I may ask that mom or dad be my spotter/assistant during the session.  All eyes and hands are kept around baby during posing.  Don’t worry I will handle and care for your baby as if they were my own.